Next week i will continue with my Zombie tale from the past two weeks. Today, I give you a very short piece  called:

Remembrance and Retribution

by Jason Warden

You never gave me what I wanted. Every year I tried a new image, a new attitude, a new personality, even a new hairstyle. You didn’t even try to understand. If you hated me, hit me, pushed me down, that would have at least been something, but you ignored me like an old family portrait pushed deep under your parents bed. I was there, I was somebody, but you all refused to see.

When I tried out for football, you hit me till I cried. Those big salty tears are all I can remember about practice, the rest is a haze. I don’t even knowhow I got home that day. Later, coach called my mom and said I should try something else.

I was cut from the basketball team before I ever took a shot.

“Too small,” Coach said.

I waited in the rain for my mom to pick me up for two hours. Then she told me to walk home.

“You’re already soaking wet anyway,” she said.

My tears were camouflaged that day.

I thought I’d have a better chance if I did something unique, something really off the wall, but I don’t think it really matters now.

“I put a lot of thought into the project. It’s wooden, see? Shop class is good for almost nothing as far as I can tell, but I ran it through the lathe every chance I got. It’s sharp, sharper than you’d think wood could be, and it holds its edge well. Mahogany is a hard wood, and the multiple layers of varnish help. Sure, something ordinary would have been easier, but you people have convinced me nothing worthwhile is ever going to be easy.

“I’ve thought a lot about what this day was going to be like. My whole life has been dedicated to one thing. I just wanted you to accept me. You didn’t.

“What I do here will never inspire anyone. My dreams of having people wear costumes on Halloween depicting my image are gone. I’ll never be a hero. All the same, I’ll join a club. Maybe it’s not as cool as the nickname I always wanted, but it’s something.

You never had the time to notice me, but now you have no choice. Now, everyone will remember me, and everyone will know my middle name.

So…who’s first?”