Part 3 in my zombie flash series. Read part #1 “Food Chain” and#2 “Clean Living Through Death” to get the full story, but this is also a stand alone if you choose not to. Enjoy!

Religion, Revelations, and the Zombie Resurrection
By Jason Warden

I was kneelin’ next to the bed like I always done, having a chat with the host of hosts, and he just up and told me it was time to go. Said I had business in town. Well now, I’ve been a church man all my life. Ma and Pa were too, so I’s used to the lord givin’ me direction. I’s also used to sometimes finding it a bit unpleasant, but I ain’t never turned away from his word. Not when he told me I had something needed doin. Pa always said the devil lived in California, and someday he’d move. I guess he has.
Now when I say it was an abomination, I don’t mean they were taking the lord’s name, or holdin’ Black Masses. It was worse. They had them people locked up in cages, and each night that damned boy who runned the place would put up a new sign out front announcing the menu. Gave it all some fancy name you couldn’t pronounce, but lord knows, that ain’t beef, and it ain’t like them moanin, sad, grey meats can read anyhow.
The first night, I only came to see what the lord would have me do. I didn’t know what to expect ‘t all, and there they all was; filing in one after the other, nice and neat as you please. Damned things sounded like a hive of bees with all the moanin. It right near drove me to go back to the truck for the gun, but I couldn’t stopped em all.
Some of ’em was missin’ parts and pieces, better than half of ’em lookin’ like they’d done been in the ground a year or more. Still, they come out smiling, some of ‘em showin’ nothing but busted teeth and gums. Beat all I ever saw. Them walkin’ corpses looked like they’d been filled with mashed taters and wound up with a crank in their backs, but they came out smiling fit to split. Bellies all distended, ‘twas a sight I don’t care to see again.
I gotta tell ya, if I hadn’t knowed what they’s cooking I probably couldn’t have helped my mouth a waterin’. I did know and it was still hard.
Now I don’t try to know the will of God, never did, but he’d sent me out there to see. I’d seen all right, more’n I wanted, but puttin’ a stop to it was all I had on my mind. I was sitting inside just thinkin, when I heard the latch click. One o’ them bastards was tryin to get in. Lucky for me he was one of the stupid ones, and he’d just happened to fumble across the lever. I slammed the lock down, started ol’ Bessie and didn’t look back. Figurin I’d taken enough chances, I made my way home.
Now, I ain’t gonna say I didn’t have reservations about goin’ back, no sir. I did, but hell’s a lot closer than you think if you start questioning God’s will. Still, I’d decided I’d seen all I had to and now just needed a plan.
God didn’t inspire me again for three days. Hope the lord don’t take this wrong but those three days reminded me of the years Moses spent wandering the wastes. Not that I put my own self on par with Moses, I guess it always seems longer when you’re waiting for the Lord.
When he showed me, I knowed it was the Lord because I heard him speak. Mostly, even my most vivid dreams are silent pictures. Not this one. I’s glad; Twasn’t one of them you coulda figured by pictures alone.
Next morning, after prayin over the Lord’s plan, I darn near had to pull Lazarus outta his room. He didn’t want no part of the cross the Lord wanted us to bear. Made me think maybe he’d been showed too. God’s will though, well, he never said righteousness was easy. I tried to comfort Lazarus with words of encouraging scripture, but he wasn’t havin any of it. He whined, kicked and fought the whole time. Thought he was gonna ruin everything, but the lord had a plan and holy hell if I didn’t think I knew what it was. Boy was I wrong. Dead wrong.
I stole their idea, well I guess God did, but it seemed like a good’un to me. Now, they don’t sleep, but I’d noticed right after meals they get real lethargic and just kinda wander around. I set the cage up near the end of the street where they’d be sure to see when they came out the rest’raunt. I hoped they’d not be lively enough to get Lazarus, but it was a chance we had to take. He was goin to town on that cage, tryin to free hisself, but I’d chained it closed and weren’t no way he was gettin’ out.
It worked; they come outta there just after the evening meal, and almost at once started toward Lazarus. As soon as he saw ‘em comin’ he got real quiet. I was a ways back down the street near the truck, just taking aim at the first in line, when a gunshot sounded. Poor old Lazarus just kinda fell over and curled up. I was so startled I damn near dropped my gun, but without it I couldn’t see nothing, so I sighted back in and I’ll be damned if that boy and another big old zombie weren’t standing in the doorway of that restaurant lookin’ at me down the barrels of their own guns. Seemed like I could see their damned black eyes in their scopes.
Well that was enough for me, I got the hell outta there quick as I could. Time I got in the truck I could see poor old Lazarus startin’ to stir. I feel bad, he was a good uncle to me back when I was a kid but he’d been forgetting things in the last few years. I hope he still has.
Weren’t no place else to go but home, I’s figur’d since it was miles outta town, maybe Lazarus wouldn’t find his way back. I haven’t seen him, not yet. I have a feeling he’s out there though, and when those two smart ones finally get through the door I guess I’ll find out. By then, God willin’, it’ll be done.
See they don’t kill each other, don’t seem to notice one another ‘t all. God wants a man inside. I guess if this don’t work, there won’t be enough of me to come back, but for the record. The generator is still goin; I just hope it’s enough juice.
“Oh lord, take this cup from me. Your will, not mine”