A quick turn around on this one. I received my acceptance last week and also learned it will come out on July 9th.This is a Charity anthology to benefit the Letters and Light organization, which helps promote literacy in children and adults.

The anthology has twenty stories and poems,  including my story “Assimilation” and will be available in a variety of electronic formats on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com for $4.99.

So… when is it coming?

Friday, July 9, 2010.

Who’s in it?

The following amazing people:

* David Sobkowiak

* Drew Beatty

* Nicole Godin

* James Melzer

* Patrick Pillars

* Jennifer Williams

* Acadia Einstein

* Mark BurningHawk Baxter

* Keith Dugger

* Jason Warden

* Jake Bible

* Nicole Ireland

* Jacqueline Roth

* Joseph Bowley

* Pearce Kilgour

* Jim Ryan

* Kate Sherrod

* Josh Crummer

Every day until the release, Jennifer Hudock will be releasing an excerpt from each story in the anthology. None of the poems, just the short fiction… So be sure to check in EVERY DAY between now and July 9 for a sneak peek at “From the Dark Side”. Already 3 of the partial stories have been posted, so go and check them out

Visit and bookmark all of the author/poet pages to find out what’s going on and to learn more about each and every one of them.