This #FridayFlash is for my friend Tia L. Brink

You can hear it in audio with similar tributes by others here -> Tia’s Memorial Podcast

First Person Positive (for Tia)

by Jason Warden

I sent you my work with uncertainty, full of nervous regret,
You sent back only encouragement and embarrassing praise.
I handed you my hopes and all my lofty dreams,
You assured me with work they were all within reach.

When the struggle was great, my goals unattained,
You led me onward with confidence and grace.
When disappointment came and clouded my thoughts,
You always said “Yes, this will be hard”.

Our time was too short, the distance too great,
But I know you are smiling because I know you had faith.
I may never know your voice, I may never see your smile,
But I know your heart and that will keep me awhile.