by S.G Browne

The thing about Fate(Fabio) is he’s tired of his job. After centuries of going about the business and monotony of filling quotas and filing reports to Jerry(God) about his humans, Fabio Delucci feels an irresistible pull to help his humans to make better decisions. After all, why should Destiny’s humans get to have all the fun? While hers go on to win Nobel prizes, Super bowl MVPs and more, his humans seem to always be one poor decision away from divorce, adultery, drug addiction, or death. Even non-contact sex with Destiny has become boring and uninteresting.

 While it is against everything he (and all the other immortals) were taught it divinity school, he decides to step in and show some of his humans the error of their ways and how they can improve their lives.

Then he does the unthinkable. He falls in love with a mortal. Sara Griffen is on the path of destiny and because of that Fabio cannot see her future, but once he reveals his true nature to her, his immortality and her life become entangled with cosmic consequences.

Fated is the best book I’ve read in quite some time. I didn’t want it to end. It explores the failings of the mortal world comically but steers away from becoming preachy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a comic love story or to anyone just looking for a great book. I can’t imagine a person who would not fall in love with the story.