Got this earlier today from my good friend Pete Malicki. He’s an author, one previously seen on ShadowCastAudio in Stage Fright as well as the novel Eyes and Knives. He’s taken a step back from writing fiction and now writes award winning plays. I’ve been pestering him fora video for awhile, and FINALLY, he came through. Here’s the message he sent me earlier today.

Hey J,
Earlier this year I had a play staged as part of Short+Sweet Sydney, the world’s largest festival of 10 minute plays. After winning Best Drama at the Brisbane festival, The Devil’s Aftershave made it to the Gala Finals in Sydney, which was the top 13 plays from the 196 performed. The very talented actor, Matt Charleston, won Best Actor Runner-Up at the Gala Finals for his amazing performance.

I just posted a video of one of the performances on YouTube:

Check it out if you’ve got 10 minutes. I’d love to hear your thoughts, it would be great to hear from you.

Hope all are well and happy Easter wishes,

Feel free to comment, I’m sure Pete would love to hear what you all think.