A little something I came up with for #FridayFlash. Its exactly 200 words as per this weeks personal challenge to try on the Danielle LaPaglia style of writing. You can score bonus points with me on this one by commenting and guessing what movie I mashed up with Zombies to create the story. Enjoy!


Melvin Gets Dead

I alone can free the world of fear. After all, who knows it better? Of course I regret the years spent afraid, but the past no longer controls me. Death is not the monster in my closet. The germs wafting up the hall; I fear not. My hands are dirtier today than they have been since I could reach the sink and yet my mind’s response is to search them for a morsel, just one final taste. Now that Death has come and flourishes just outside the door, I find the freedom in it more empowering than counting the steps I take or even the hand washing that once consumed me. I now leave this room fully aware of the abomination I am and equally aware that acceptance, while something I’ve always longed for, is unlikely to find me. A mistake? Perhaps. The cupboards remain full and I’m quite sure the door is impervious to assault, but something’s changed, the sustenance I need. . . Verdell was such a good dog. I’m going to miss him I think.

Ms. Osterwald next door will have me. She is such a lovely old woman. She’ll have me, and then I’ll have her.