“Revival House”

by S.S. Michaels

Revival House is the story of a quiet, introverted loner named Caleb Exley. He is the future heir of Exley and Sons funeral business. Business has never been worse, medical marvels have all but destroyed the business of dying, leaving Caleb grasping for ways to reinvent and recapture the imagination and money of the public.

Caleb’s friend Four will do just about anything to help, but he also knows Caleb is growing ever more unstable. Caleb has stopped taking his medication, his uncle Sterling, (who Caleb believes killed his parents) won’t pay for his psychiatric visits, and Scarlet, the only girl he has ever wanted, thinks he is gay. Yet still, he wants her, dead or alive.

Scarlet only dreams going to Hollywood but when Avery, Caleb’s old acquaintance shows up and steals her heart, jealousy blooms in Caleb and an accident takes her from him prematurely. Avery pounces on the opportunity to try an experiment, and shows Caleb how he can resurrect his business, one cadaver at a time.
S. S. Michaels does a masterful job of pulling the reader into a mind that is slowly coming unraveled. The story has a literary flair reminiscent of Chuck Palhuniuk and dark humor that is all its own. After the first chapter I knew it would become a book I would want to read again. This absolutely has to be on your bookshelf.