It’s early but vacation awaits and I didn’t want to forget to post. Here’s my very short #FridayFlash/#WednesdayWriting – 140 words.

Emotional State

The sun would rise again, but this one was special, it would be his last. The wait had been so long, Rob no longer feared it. At the sentencing, he’d cried out and his outburst had been used against him at every subsequent appeal.

“Emotions kill and those unable to control them threaten to destroy our world.”

The public embraced the verdict and its promise to relieve their tax burden without hesitation. Many would follow, but he would be first.

He kicked the rocks at his feet, throwing up a spray that floated around him. He caught and sent one of the larger ones spinning toward the elliptical black globe that brought his example back to the people of earth. Just before the satisfying impact, the blue aurora and its heat crested the horizon announcing the birth of his death.