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Who is Jason Warden?


Jason Warden is a father, a husband, and a writer. He is also the Co-Editor and host of the Shadowcast Audio Anthology which is a finalist for a Parsec award this year. He has been an avid reader and writer of dark fiction for many years. In 2009 he opened The ShadowCast Audio Anthology to expand his writing and publishing experience. Recently his short story “Assimilation” was published in the “From the Darkside” Charity Anthology which benefits The Office of Letters and Light (the backers of NanoWrimo). Another short,”Once Seen”was published in April in the Masters of Horror: The Anthology by Triskaideka Books. He is currently at work on several other stories as well as a novel he hopes to complete in late 2010. He and his wife reside in Missouri with their three children.

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