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#FridayFlash and Published Stories

“Hooks” (Published by “In Focus” Literary newsletter of the Ca. St Writers Association.)

Remembrance and Retribution

Remote Control

Hunting Cabin (Published by Dark Movements)

First Person Negative

Side Effects

First Person Positive

Feeding time (Novel Excerpt)

Captive (Novel Excerpt)

Opening: The End (Novel Excerpt)

Need Returned (Novel Excerpt)

Symbiosis (Novel Excerpt)

In The Between (A Drabble) Published in the Winter Edition of MicroW

The Wolf’s Barter (A Drabble)

Words Unsaid originally Published in Fiction365.com



Ode to the Muse

Three Little Words


Frozen (Three Drabbles)

Eternal Doubt (100 Character)

Self: Fulfilling Prophecy

Little Doctors, Little Bottles

Ring The Bell (Published in Dead Times Issue #5)

Private Poverty

Transparent Love

The Nostros

Beast Within

Yartopian Dream

One More Day

Rebellion’s Price


Zombie Series
part 1
Food Chain

part 2
Clean Living through Death

part 3
Religion, Revelations, and the Zombie Resurrection

part 4
Scorned (Published in print by Dead Timez Online – short story contest winner)

part 5
The Pen

part 6
The Death of Art

Part 7
Undead Dentistry

Part 8
Full Circle

Part 9
LeftOvers pt 1 and LeftOvers pt 2

Part 10

Encore Performance

Part 11

Assisted Living

Part 12

The Weight Of Words

Part 13

Melvin Gets Dead

part 14

Look At Me. Now.


4 thoughts on “#FridayFlash and Published Stories

  1. Everytime I think I have a favorite for you, I look at this list and get confused again. I think I'll have to go with "Hooks" and "First Person Negative" and then with both "Leftovers" posts for my zombie faves.

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